"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Thursday, February 6, 2014

*MOM NOTE - Josh sent home his journal from the first 9 months of his mission.  It is absolute GOLD, and I think if the house burned down, it is probably the only material thing I would save.  Here is a little nugget of wisdom from Elder Wood.  9/10/13 "Today was really great! Most days I just say they were good just because I ENJOY LIVING, but today was especially good"  How cool to have the attitude that life is good and enjoyable just because?  He inspires me every day!

Howdy Family! 

I'll tell you what, this week was great. I will tell you why!  

We went to Versailles to have a mission conference with Elder Patrick Kearon on the Seventy and it was really awesome! Before the conference started he asked all the mission leaders to go up into a different room to tell us something. I was half way expecting some sort of stern rebuking, the other half I just wasn't sure, but when he walked into the room we were all standing waiting for him, and he just started to thank us for all the work and sacrifices we make and that he loved us and our mission. I have not seen another person ever be so naturally happy and full of the light of the gospel as he was! During the conference we talked about finding, and the power of the Spirit in conversion and it was very cool to be taught by him. That was on Wednesday, then Thursday we worked in Rennes, then Friday we headed back to Paris to have a mission council lead by Elder Kearon again. The Wednesday meeting was with half of our mission, so about 140 missionaries, then the Friday meeting was with just the zone leaders and sister training leaders, so about 35 of us! It was really personal and interactive and we all got to report on how our zones were doing and then talk a lot with him about what we leaned on Wednesday and how we were going to apply it in our zones. Totally got to shake his hand after as well. Awesome. I was going to take a picture but my camera was dead. Rats. What I really took away from it though was how much he sincerely cared and about each of us individually and how he really wanted to help us and see us improve. Thats what I'm going to try to apply more in my missionary work. I honestly love the people the people that I get to work with here, but it's taking that care to the next level and making it a more natural thing that's the trick. That's the goal for this week! Love everybody more! 

Then last night we had an awesome miracle! We had had a lot of people to go see, but none of them were home. This has not happened for a while, and we didnt have a plan. We went to finish out the night with some porting, and we both had the thought to go to a specific neighborhood where we have been working for a while. We got there and started walking up the road, and I felt a very familiar prompting to turn around and knock on some doors that we had already passed. The first two doors did not let us in but the third door was a young couple that wanted to know more! They let us in, and we got to teach them about the Restoration. The Spirit was really strong and they asked us if we could come back to teach them more. I'm super grateful for the guidance of the Spirit! He always tells us where to go and it's cool to see how familiar the feeling is every time. It's easy to know when he is talking to us and we get to know him really quick as we follow what he asks us. 

We've got a big week planned! I'm stoked to get to work! Thanks a lot for all your letters and know that I will respond as soon as I can! I love you guys! 

Elder Wood