"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello Famille! 

Well, I guess you won't get this until your home from Lake Powell, lucky ducks! Being by the ocean eases the pain, haha jk. but really. 

This week, where to begin! Had some cool things happen. We are finally starting to find some new people and baptisms are going to happen! It's been kind of cool to just see the real power of faith at work. Go out the door believing something is going to happen, and it does! The next step to keep that up is to just thank the Lord for what he allowed to happen and do it again. I also got to do an exchange with the legend and my old companion Elder Louis! It was just like old times, me just following in amazement as he finds and teaches in a ville he doesn't even know. Haha not literally, but it was fun because we got a lot of work done together. He is going home in like 2 weeks! It's weird because most of the people I knew in the mission are already home by now! They are all sending me photos and everything and it makes me feel so weird, I don't feel like any life but the mission exists! But from some in depth discussions with ElderLouis, I gleened some steps to staying focused, which are: 

1. Set goals.
2. Do daily personal self evalutations. 
3. Have good morning studies. 
4. Don't think of home
5. Cherish every minute. 

Also there are just a couple other phrases that are seemingly cheesy but effective when put in practice! "Do it. Do it right. Do it right now." and the definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting the same results. Doing all those things helps you stay focused and work effectively no matter where you are in your mission! And i feel like i said this a couple weeks ago but really all that i have learned during my mission is just being put to the test in St. Nazaire! Its a challenge but its so much fun here and things are looking up! I wager that Elder Ericson and I will stay together for another transfer, because this week is the last week of the transfer. We'll see though, anything is possible! 

Also this morning we went through the Escal' Atlantique, which is the Cruise ship museum here! It was super fun and we learned tons of useless fun facts about french lines, which im sure will have some purpose sometime in life. Usless facts never really end up being useless, the Lord did tell us to gain knowledge, right?! 

That was the week folks, and it ruled! I hope yours was equally awesome and that you are safe in lake powell or with working or in the mtc :) I love you! Bye! 

Elder Wood 

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