"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Suns Out Guns Out


We had a few spiritual funtivities this week, allow me explain them! 

Zone conference! Always a blast. It was cool to see some of the younger missionaries I knew who are now leaders in the mission! We got some really great trainings from our leaders and our Mission President. One of the main things I learned from this conference is just that it's super important to stick to the basics, always! It's easy to think that we have got the gospel basics down, or the missionary work basics down, but there will always be areas that we can improve in! 

Right after the conference we had an exchange in a city called Nantes (said like nahnt) and I was with Elder Cutshall. We had great time and were able to teach some really cool lessons on the street. We met a woman sitting on some steps by herself and when we asked her her name she said "it's like I don't have a name" because she was just feeling so unimportant, but we were able to testify to her that God loved her and that she was important to him. It was cool to see the change in her eyes as we talked and she said she would try and come to church! Then the next day we prepared a lesson during studies about finding out if God is there with the plan of finding someone to teach it to, and after a bit of contacting we were able to teach an English guy  the lesson we had prepared! It was cool just to see that God really blesses us as we are prepared to do His will. 

We also got some strange news this week in our branch. Our branch mission leader told us on Thursday that he was moving to a city called Lille, and on sunday, poof! He was gone! so nuts! So we were left with no branch mission leader. Then, a family gets up on Sunday to bear their testimony, and they told everyone they found work and were starting monday, but it was in Paris! So poof, they up and left today! So in total, 7 people left from our branch in one weekend. 7 is not a huge number, but when you only have 35 to 40 people every sunday, 7 missing is a lot! We are expecting some very interesting developments in our branch in the next few weeks, and hoping to find 7 people to get our attendance back up!! 

Have you ever thought about what is means to say "I know the church is true"? Joseph Smith said that the truth in things are they are, were and always will be. Saying that the church is true is actually a really deep statement! For me that phrase resumes a lot of history and sacrifice, when we think of all the saints that have come before us and have worked and in many cases died in order to progress the work of the Lord, and to bring the Truth forth. Im just proud to be able to say every day that I Know that the church is True. 

Nevertheless, things in St. Nazaire are going well. We're seeing some little miracles and the Lord really is helping us. Its getting pretty hot down here! I, being the 20 year old boy that i am, found myself one short sleeve shirt short the other day, and had to ask my companion if i could borrow one of his. Little did i know that his sleeves were super short, and so i just had my little white arms blazing in the sun all day! Thus the title, suns out guns out. And voila, le week! I love you all and hope to hear from you soon! Until next time!

Elder Wood 

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