"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, April 27, 2015

Last Post

Dear Family, 

     Well, here we are! Who would have thought that a mission would go by so fast? I seriously considered just saying "See you on Thursday!" But I figured I could bust out one more meaningful email. Though i really don't know what to write at all! Its reeaaaalllly hard so sum up all that's going on in my noggin right now but the final result of all the thinking is just a huge feeling of humility and gratitude to Heavenly Father for the opportunity that i had to serve. Also in the last little while with the whole preparing to leave there have been some natural ups and downs, but i feel ready. I feel like the work has been done and that i really did do my best here, and i'm excited to leave things the way they are so thatElder Branchflower and his new companion can continue the work! 
     Last night we had one big old miracle that was a great way to finish off my last week. We were porting and looking for some less active members and we got to Sister Grouvelle's house. A man answered and we started talking, and he told us he was catholic and he "blessed" us, which was nice but i'm not sure that he meant by it, but he said that he wasnt interested really. As one last question we just asked what his family name was and he said Grouvelle, so we explained why we were there a little more and he let us in. Turns out Sister Grouvelle has Alzheimers, and doesn't remember much about the church, just that she believes in God. We prayed with her and her son, the catholic guy that answered the door, offered us a drink so we could talk more. We started talking to him about the restoration and his brother walked in, and we were able to teach both of them and give them Book of Mormons. They then explained to us that they were 2 of Sister Grouvelles 12 children, and that we could come back next week to continue teaching them and some of the other kids that would be there. How amazing is that?! So much possibility there! It really was a great miracle and i'm super grateful it happened. And i expect to see some more like that before Wednesday! 
     And that's that! I'm so grateful for this mission, and for our Savior Jesus Christ and for all that i've learned about Him and the relation that i have with him that has been so strengthened during this mission. And now, i'm excited to continue to serve and grow and learn and do what he asks for the rest of my life. I love you, Paris France. Salt Lake City, here i come. 

Elder Joshua Wood

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