"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, April 15, 2013

the Puppy problem

Preface to this letter - Josh has begged for a puppy for years and I always said no.  This weekend, we got a puppy, spur-of-the-moment.  Ever since Josh left, there has been a void in our family and we figured that a puppy would fill it a little bit!  I promised Elder Wood that I would buy him one the day he gets home if he wants.  We didn't do this to hurt anyone, so don't judge!  :)  HAHA!

Yo yo yo Family!!!
Oh, you have a puppy? That's pretty cool. I bet he's really cute. I hope you all have  tons of fun with him for the next couple years. I wish I would have gotten a puppy the 1,000,000 times I asked. It's only been my dream since I was a small boy, to have a cute little puppy of my own. Maybe as a nice Christmas present or something. Whatever though, no big deal. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get one someday. Tell Finn I said hello.
This week was awesome! Once again though, I must appologize that I do not have any pictures. I completely intended on sending them, but you know me, I forget stuff. Today it was the computer cable for my camera. Just imagine some pictures of me at the Eiffel Tower eating a crepe and looking super content with everything, except for the fact that I grew up deprived of a puppy.
Man, where do I begin? Missionary work is just nuts town. So last week our numbers were a little down, mostly because I was being trained and stuff. This week we just decided to really hit it hard and start getting to work. We do a lot of contacting and porting, which is just when you go to an appartment building and go to the top, say a prayer, and just knock your way down. So we had been porting and street contacting for a couple days without really much success, and morale was getting a little down. One night we had gone down like 3 floors of a huge building and people either weren't home or were just being rude. On the 7th floor we just prayed a ton and asked that we could find someone. The next door a man named Dominique answered. He told us he was Atheist and didn't really want anything to do with church, in a nice way though. Then Elder Miller just started testifying, the Spirit was way strong and after about 25 minutes of answering questions he took a Book of Mormon from us and said he would read it. The Lord answerd our prayers! We went back the next day and will be going back a couple of times this week. Also, after him, we just got lots of phone numbers and rendez-vous set up for the week. Our numbers shot right up because of our diligence. I love praying.
Also this week was my first sunday going to church! It was super cool and the ward is way way awesome. The lady that called you was Soeur Lalaus! She and her family are members in our ward, and she had us come over for dinner and to teach her son about baptism, because he is turing 8 soon. She is for real so awesome, she reminds me of a black Sister Arnell. She told me I look like an angel and that I was way classy, I was so flattered. But while we were eating she just said "whats your dads phone number?" haha. So I was there while she called, and she said she was just calling to say a thank you for sending me. Which is like the nicest thing ever haha. All the families in the ward are so cool! And I got to introduce myself to everyone, which was a little scary but super cool. It was short and sweet, but after wards Elder Miller told me that my French was perfect. What a blessing! The Lord blesses us so, so much.
Those are just a couple of the cool things that we've done this week, other than that, I'm good! Sorry if this letter is not that good, I always feel like I am forgetting something. Oh also, read this scripture, Alma 29:9. It's probably my favorite scripture right now. But I gotta go! I love you all so much, I miss ya! Good luck with everything, girls,and mom and dad, write me some letters! I love you!
Elder Wood, the puppyless missionary.

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  1. Ha! You guys deserve the guilt trip!!! That was just mean! :)