"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, April 22, 2013

3rd week in Antony

Thank you tons for the emails this week. I really love hearing from you all! I'm glad the puppy is soothing your saddened hearts. But, you could have chosen something a little cooler. 
Erin: Thank you so much for your letter. I'm gonna write you back today :) 
Carley: The other missionaries in my apartment all agreed that you look a bit like Mariah Carey. So if you have 3 weird rm's bugging you in September, don't talk to them.
Lizzy: How is everything going gurl? Are you good? How is the puppy treating your allergies? I hope that you are doing really good.
Autumn: Hi! Are you doing good? I hope so. I'm going to try and draw you another picture today. 
Dad: I like old fasioned letters too. That will be nice to get. And porting is a lot of what we do ya. Everyone has big gates around their houses, so we mostly are in apartment buildings, which is kind of cool. Honestly, I like it a lot. Talking to people all the time is awesome, whether they listen to our message or not they are just very nice. I think its fun! And also yes, I do live with another equipe. Elder T. and Elder W. They are the zone leaders and super cool. Elder Webber is just like Uncle Lane. 
Mom: Thank you for just being my mom. Read Alma 56: 47-48. I love ya. I hope the little rat thing you guys got isn't causing you too much grief.
This week was super good! We taught tons of lessons and French is starting to come along quite nicely. I can talk a little more, but mostly it's understanding that is improving lately. Thanks for keeping me updated with the ward! That's way cool for Elder Gustafson and Elder Beals, tell them that I respect them and that I'm really excited for them. 
So I was gonna tell you about the ward here in Antony. They are so cool. Everything they do is centered around missionary work and finding new people to invite to church. And they are all super nice to me and try to speak English because they all know that I have no idea whats going on. But it's just another testimony builder that I need to be in Antony right now! 
This week I set my first baptismal date! WOO! To our investigator C! Its seriously amazing how the Lord prepares people. We taught him the law of chastity yesterday, and he just didn't even hesitate to say yes. He was excited about it and was talking about how logical it was. He is getting baptised on the 4th! It's gonna be so awesome. 
Other than that the work is just going good! I personaly am just doing great, and just am way more pumped everyday about sharing the gospel and finding people that are prepared for baptism. 
I'm really sorry that I have to cut this short, but I can't purchase any more computer time until next week and I still need to write to my president. But a couple items of business:
1. I think I'm gonna send my ipod home for some new music soon. Will you find some good uplifting music that's not motab? There is this album called "Nearer" that I really like. 
2.There was only one item of business. Thank you.
I love you all so much! Again, I'm sorry that this was cut so short. But know that everything is going really well! And go to the temple! Read your scriptures and always have family prayer and study! Have fun with the small animal you got! I love you!
Elder Josh Wood

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