"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, September 9, 2013

Come back when I am alone

Hello Family! 

How's it going?! My week was good! Brussels is still just awesome. Transfers are next week but I think I'll stay here for another. The weather was nice. All summer, only above 80 degrees a handful of times, but as soon as September hit, it got cold! Its good though, I like it. We look super classy with sweaters on all the time. And surprisingly enough if you look classy it makes a difference in whether or not people talk to you sometimes. 

But anyway, this week was good! Kind of a dry week, in the sense that not a ton happened. I went on 2 exchanges which went well, and knocked a lot of doors! People are all coming home from vacation, so they are more often home, but this is kind of how the conversation generally goes: 

Us: "Bonjour! My name is Elder Wood, I'm from the US, here for 2 years to help families be strengthened through the gospel of Christ. Are you a believing person?"

Them: "No not at all"

Us: "That's okay! That's why we're here! Would you and your family have 5 minutes to talk to us tonight?"

Them: "No my whole family is home and I have lots of children and a wife"

Us: "Oh wow that's perfect. Can we talk to you all about Christ tonight?"

Them:"No, I told you, my whole family is here and we are busy doing family things"

Us: "Yes, that's why we're here too! To pray with your family all together tonight!" 

Them: "No. Come back when I'm alone"

Then it continues like that until they close the door haha. I've had that conversation like 150 times this week. But then sometimes we get let in and it's like winning the spiritual lottery. 

I've never been stuck on what to say! So instead, I'll just type and whatever comes out,, comes out. 

So we met this girl named Antoinette who is a member from Ghana. We invited her to church this last week and she was really excited. When we called her to see if she could still come, she said her mom wouldn't let her and she was really sad. Later on Sunday night, we ran into her on the road and talked for a minute and she just cried because she wanted to come to church so bad but she couldn't, and how her mom made her go to a different church that she knows is not true. It made my really sad and we want to help her but aren't sure how! But we've recruited the help of the sisters, so we'll see if they can help with her mom. 

Last p day we wandered around looking for a journal because mine is almost finished. During our stroll around downtown Brussels we found the 3 most hipster places in the country probably. #underground

Mom asked what I study everyday, great question! It's most important to study the missionary lessons in PMG, and the standard works. So usually I go through the day and figure out what we are teaching people then study out the lessons. Sometimes we all get a little sucked into deep doctrines, and it's really fun, but mostly I just dive into the scriptures and use PMG for all my studies. 

I guess thats all for this week! I love you guys, and I loved the pictures too! Tell everyone I said hello and I love them and stuff. Talk to you soon! 

Gros mille bisous <3

Elder Wood 

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