"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


How's it going? Things here are going super well! This is transfer week and I found out this morning that I will be staying here in Rennes with my awesome companion Elder Turley. No relation to Adam Turley, but awesome nontheless. I'm super excited because tons of awesome things are happening in our work now! And I really love new transfers because it's such a fresh start. We're gonna get some work done here in the next 6 weeks! But as for this week, some pretty cool things happened. First, we taught a lesson to our ami Pedro with our recent convert Bob, and it was so so cool. Comparable to sitting on an oven because the spirit was so strong! As we taught, Bob testified about his baptism and how esential it is for everyone, and even shared scriptures all on his own that helped him make this change in his life and Pedro was really touched. Also, yesterday at church Bob received the Aaronic Preisthood! It was really an honor to be able to participate in ordaining him. Me and Elder Turley bought him a sweet tie as a gift too. Also last night we found a bunch of people! We had planned to go to somewhere specific to find people, but we felt as though we needed to go back to the place we had already been earlier. So, we went back and found an appartment building and felt like we should knock the doors inside, but it was locked. Just as we approached the doors however, someone came down and let us in! So we started at the top and knocked our way down. We ended up getting to pray with 3 people in the building in about an hour! It was so evident that we needed to be there. All the people said to us that they don't usually let people in, but when they saw us they decided to let us in and listen to what we had to say. It was a great night and a huge learning opportunity for me because when the spirit tells us to go somewhere or do something, it is always the same feeling, and it always brings great results. Where else could I have learned this had I not been here on a mission? I love serving! 

Also we totally met a Portuguese guy this week that we're going to teach. Woop! 

We are running a little late so I've got to get out of here! But, I love you guys a ton. For real. Be safe! 

Elder Wood

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