"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, April 14, 2014


Ca va bien?? I'm pretty good. I'm trying to keep myself calm while sitting in this cyber cafe because I just found out... 


I'm freaking out! Belgium again! Last time, I was in Brussels but this time I'll be serving in the beautiful city of Liege. I don't really know much about this place! Except for that it is the birth place of the liege waffle, which is the best thing ever, that it's supposed to be really pretty and that my comp is Elder Louis, from Boston. I am super excited to get out there! It's gonna be a long day of travel on Wednesday because it's almost the farthest away I can get from Rennes, but it's cool. I'm so so grateful for the time I've been able to serve in Rennes though and I'm sad to leave. My life really has changed a lot here and I've learned some lessons that will stay with me forever! I'm stoked to learn more in Liege! 

You know the Easter finding that I told you our mission is doing right now? Elder Turley and I have recently found 2 families because of it! I may have already told you but last week we found a lady named M, and we now are teaching her and her children, and this week we found a family from Sri Lanka! The fathers name is E and the mom is S. They are Christian and we went over to their house to share the Easter message with them. The Spirit is always to strong when you teach a family, and it surely was when we were at their house. They then invited us to eat some delicious Indian food with them last saturday night! I have never eaten so much in all my life, but it was super good. 

An interesting devolopment in our transportation story has unfolded this week as well. We only drive the car on Sundays to get to church on time, because there is no bus that could get us there before Sunday school. So, when we talked past the car on Saturday, the day before Sunday and 5 days after we had touched the car, we found it unlocked with the lisence plate on the dash board with a note that said "I found your car in the middle of the parking lot, call if you have any questions" WHAT??? We aren't really sure how this happened, but what is even nutser is that I lost the keys, so we couldn't lock the car. We had no idea at all what to do except pray, so we did! A lot. After lots of phone calls to the office and some further investigation we found out the car was dead as well, and that even the spare key from the office wouldnt lock it. Then, this Thursday, we decided to eat on our balcony. I looked out on the little field behind our building and on top of a wooden post on the side of the field, I saw a little black rectangle. We sprinted down and guess what it was?! The car keys! How did it get on the little post in the field? We have absolutely no idea. But, with the original keys we tried to start slash lock the car and it still didn't work, so we had some of our Nigerian mechanic amis come help us, and they figured out that the car computer was dead and needed to be restarted, so we're taking it in today. Wild. These are just some of the little side things that happen while the work still needs to progress! Luckily the Lord knows what he's doing, and the car problems can't stop Him from progressing His work. 

Anyways, this was a long one! My new address is: 

16/2 rue Carlier
4000 Liege

Have a way good week! I would very much appriciate a special prayer for the work in Belgium to keep going well!! I love you guys :) Bye! 

Elder Wood

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