"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Howdy ya'll!
     -Elder Tryon (my new friend from Texas who told me to do this)
You guys rock so much. Our family is so cool and blessed. I was reading A Family: A proclamaiton to the world, during personal study the other day and I read all the principles that a family should be founded upon. I was able to go throu

gh and think of how our family is founded on each of them! It was pretty cool to recognize how blessed our family is. You guys should do that for FHE. The three principles that I think our family is founded the most upon are forgiveness, love and wholesome recreational activities. (that last one kind of cracks me up, but it's eternally important nonetheless. #scripturewords)
This week was absolutely, just totally out of control. I will explain it to you day by day:
Monday. P day. It was good, not much happened.
Tuesday: Nutz. We got to district meeting in Paris. All was seemingly well until the meeting actually started. After about 3 minutes my district leader got in a huge argument with this spanish sister, they screamed French that I didn't understand, she left. He stayed, and when she came back he said "okay everyone, thank you for your service, I am going home. Have a good mission." He sternly patted me on the back, got his stuff and left. The zone leaders continued to chase him around Paris, into his apartment where he called his friend in Bordeaux and packed his bags. Eventually we all had to go to Versailles, we didn't get home until about 6, had no rdv's planned so we just contacted, nuts.
Wednesday: normal day, did tons of finding and for some weird reason nobody would answer our calls. But is was good.
Thursday: Went to Belguim for legality. Belgium was so so so so cool and i ate tons of food. I took several pictures and realised that my cheeks were looking a little chubby. turns our ive gained about 15 pounds, give or take 1 or 2. NBD. Came home from Belgium,  it was again like 6, so we didnt have much work on this day.
Friday: Started good, went contacting and everything went good. 

Saturday: Normal day.
Sunday: Nutz again, but this time with miracles. Stake Conference was in the morning at Versailles, basically in the castle and it was super cool. Tons of people were there and my mission president spoke, along with the stake president and 2 members of the 70, including Elder Patrick Kearon, who gave the talk about the scorpions a few conferences ago, if you remember it. It's one of my favorite talks. His talk in the conference was really good, then afterwards I got to meet him and talk to him for a while. SUPER COOL!! Then we went home, ate lunch, and this man called us and said " when is your church?" We told him next sunday, and he asked if we could meet with him that night. We got to the  church, and he just told us he had attended church for 2 years in Madagascar and wanted to be baptised. So, we fixed a date with him for the 7th of July in 2 weeks!! It was so so crazy. His name is S.
So that was last week,  crazy right? Then, this morning, I got a phone call. I'm getting transfered to a place called Stombeek in Belgium!!! I'm so, so so excited!! Also a bit sad, because I won't be able to see our investigators get baptised, but they are getting baptised either way so it's okay, and Belgium is going to be so so awesome!! I'll send you my address next week!!
Thats about it for this crazy week! I feel like my letters are like really sporatic(?), but I just can't ever keep my mind straight haha. But I love you all!! Thank you so much for the little package and the letters and everything you do for me. You rock so much. Also Mom, about the missionary thing and inviting people to the house with the missionaries: just do it. How I look at it is,, this is literally the most important message in the universe, in all eternity. If you love these people, you'll want to share it with them! The lord expects us to do our best, but also to DO these things that he has asked us. I know you can do this and you will receive countless blessings if you do so!! You can do it! Take your concerns to the Lord, then do as he asks. I love you so so so so much!!!!!!
Thank you for everything!! Have a great week!
Elder Wood :)

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