"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bonjour from Liège! 

What a week! I'm way glad to hear that everything went well with Carley's farewell! I can't believe she is leaving so soon. Also, you never told me you were going to Mexico! That's so cool! It's about as hot as Mexico over here right now but the weather changes are even more dramatic and fast than in Utah! It's cool, though, makes things exciting. 

We had some really cool things happen this week! We were extra guided by the Spirit to find some really great people. I'll recount! The first one was a two day story. Wednesday we were on an exchange, and I was in Liège with Elder P, my best friend from California. We really felt like we should get off the bus and go into a neighborhood to find some people. We turned down a little road and there was one lady pushing her stroller, so obviously, we went and talked to her! She was really nice and told us she was happy to meet us because she is currently searching the true faith. At the end of our conversation she thanked us but was hesitant to give us her number or address, so we gave her ours and she said she would do some research and give us a call. I was happy but that happens every day, and nobody ever calls us. We continued on our way though and I didn't think much about it again, but her neighborhood was really nice, so we made a note to come back and knock doors again one day. So, skip to Friday night, we only had a couple hours to find so we hopped on the bus to go to a specific place we had thought of earlier. When we got there we felt like we should stay on the bus and talk to someone, so we did, and he wasn't interested, but the stop we got off on after talking to him was a stop near the road where we talked to the nice lady, and I remembered that we could go knock doors in her neighborhood. So we started knocking! The first door said no, but at the second door was a really large muscular Belgian man, who was also really nice and knew who we were so we got to talking. We answered a lot of questions for him and the Spirit was really strong actually, and about 15 minutes in his wife came to the door to see what he was doing. Who was his wife? The lady we talked to on Wednesday! So we got to meet their kids and teach their family and we are going back this week to teach them more. How great is that?! When I write these emails every week I feel like they kind of become the same thing over and over, but you guys really wouldn't believe all the little specific directions the Lord gives us to be able to find and teach the people who are prepared to hear His gospel. 

I'll make the second one quick, but it was equally cool. Sunday there was a really huge multi stake conference broadcasted to our chapel from Bern, Switzerland. Elder Tiexiera, Elder Anderson and President Uchtdorf all spoke and it was really spritual! Half way through one of my favorite members, Frere K came in and sat by me with his friend F who has been interested in the church for some time. We watched the conference and talked afterwards and he ended up fixing a rendez-vous for later in the afternoon. F is a really great guy from Congo, and he lives out in the country where the church in not present. Ever since he first knew the church he has been interested, and finally his job sent him to Brussels for 2 months for some research, and he decided to come to church and meet with us! Right at the beginning of the lesson Frere K laid down the law, and told him that this could be one of his only chances to be baptised while he is here. Even though its super fast, I agreed with Fr. K, and Elder S and I felt really prompted to tell F that if he was willing to make this change in his life the Lord would be able to use him as a great tool in starting the church where he lives in Congo. It was one of the most powerful moments of my life as I expressed that promise to him, and he told us how deeply our message touched him and that he would sincerely pray to know if he needed to do it, and we'll find out more when we see him this friday. 

I'm just kind of amazed at some of the things that can happen during a mission. I don't really have like a ton of crazy cool stuff going on but stories like this happen almost everyday, and I'm not very articulate in telling you them, but I can tell you that this truly is the work of the Lord. And He needs all of us to participate as much as we can! I also like to just share the stories each week because I hope they push you to do more and participate in sharing the gospel! 

I love you guys so much! Thanks so much for your prayers and all the support you give, it works! This was a long one, but go out there and help somebody today! Bisous bisous, talk to you soon :) 

Elder Wood

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