"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elder Quentin Cook

Hello family! 

How is everyone? Good? Good. I am well. This week Ruled! There were many highlights. Let me share some with you! 

We are really being blessed right now to be able to teach families! We found another family this week, they aren't new ami's yet but they will be soon! They are african and have 5 hilarious children and were happy to let us in to talk to us about God. We just prayed with them quick but the spirit was strong and they said we could come back. Miracles! 

Today during lunch my baguette had a big air bubble in it so i could fit in twice as much cheese as normal, definitely a highlight. 

To save a little time I'm just going to skip to the best part, we got to go to Paris and be taught by an Apostle of the Lord, Elder Quentin L. Cook! It was such a great opportunity and just got me so pumped to do missionary work! Its actually really easy to be pumped to share the gospel but Elder Cook definitely got me more pumped than usual. This conference was super cool because it was the first time is a really long time we've had the entire mission together in one conference, all 280 of us! I saw sooo many people I didn't know. But i also saw some of my old companions which was really fun. Elder Cook taught us a lot about Preach My Gospel and about loving the people and loving God. He told us a lot of stories about things that happen just between the general authorities and it was really funny and cool. He said that sometimes when they have their meeting in the temple of thursdays ElderPacker, who has been an apostle since 1962 or something says "I still haven't figured out why I was called into the Quorum of the 12" Haha! I thought that was really funny and a good lesson for everyone that we don't always have to have everything figured out in life. But maybe my favorite part was that he INVOKED A BLESSING ON US! At the end of his talk he said "i now evoke a special blessing upon you all" and it felt like he was giving us all a priesthood blessing. It was so cool and it really helped a lot of missionaries. Seeing him was another huge testimony to me of this work. I really know that Heavenly Father is running this work and Jesus Christ makes it possible for anything to happen! Im so grateful for the gospel and the opportunity to represent Christ here in France and to help people. I also know how much love Heavenly Father can allow us to feel for people when we serve them, i feel like i love it here more and more everyday. 

After writing that all other highlights seem not as cool! I'm super grateful that i got to see an apostle this week and for my mission and for you guys and all your prayers and support! Have a steller Thanksgiving down in the mansion haha, eat lots of turkey for me! I love you and I'll talk to yo soon! 

Elder Wood 

ps my camera is pretty broken, so thats why I haven't sent many pictures. But I'll figure out a way some time soon! 


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