"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving and birthday week

Hola family!

What a week. Thanksgiving and my birthday and tons of miracles! 

This years thanksgiving was a lot different than last years but it was still really good. We actually had turkey! One of the companionships tried to make sweet potatoes with marshmallows on it, but it kind of ended up being this weird brown sugar sweet potato soup with pink marshmallows on top. We called it "marshmallow swag" and ate it nonetheless, because it was delicious. Also their was lots of giving and thanking going on and lots of gospel sharing moments. I sure am thankful for the day we had though! 

Also thanks for all the birthday wishes this week! I had a super good birthday. One of the awesome things about being in a branch is that you get really close with all the members, and a couple families made me birthday cakes!My favorite birthday present I think was going to Stake Conference in Nantes. We got on a train early in the morning and had a gigantic stake conference in the congress hall in Nantes. The speakers were all really prepared and the meeting was really edifying. Afterwards though I got to see all the members that I knew from Rennes!! It was so fun to see everyone again. They are all such good people and I'm so grateful that i got to serve there! My second favorite birthday present was when a family let us in to teach them about Christmas! We read from Luke 2 with them and the spirit was definitely there. I love sharing my testimony of Christmas and teaching people about Christ. Have you guys heard of the He is the Gift program the church is doing for Christmas this year?? If you haven't already you should definitely check it out  at www.mormon.org/christmas. It really will be a super great way to share the Christmas message with everyone. But voila that was my 21st birthday, it was a really good one. No better way to spend a birthday than in the service of the Lord! 

And, it finally happened, last week I bought myself a birthday suit. I think I'm gonna buy some pointy french birthday shoes today. Haha, when in France, right!?

Voila that was the week though! I hope everything keeps going super well on the home front.  I'm super grateful for our family! I hope you guys can get into the Christmas sprit and share the Gift this week as well. I love you and I'll talk to you soon! 

Elder Wood 

p.s. how are we going to do the Christmas skype this year? Can we do a 3 way skype with Carley? That would be super cool! 

and voila some photos! au revoir! 

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