"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Companion

Hola hola! 

This week. Nuts. Great and super nuts! 

First of all, i have a new companion! 

His name is Elder Pumford, he's half from Canada (making this my second Canadian comp in a row) and half from Michigan. Dad, he was really impressed when I knew what the Big House was. He looks kind of like Clark kent, he plays the french horn and the organ, he's already done 3 years at BYU and worked for Adobe as a computer programmer, and he's a Mormon. Can you say super successful companion??!! I kind of hope that he is my last one because he's super cool and we get along really well. It was pretty bizarre to get a new companions after 18 weeks of Elder Ericson, who is missed, but it's been really great so far and we're seeing some miracles!! 

We have been super blessed in finding families lately. Last sunday we found a guy and his son, and this week his wife became an investigator as well, then yesterday we did a pass back to an african lady and her whole family was there plus some friends who because new ami's as well!! I just feel really humbled and greatful thet Heavenly Father in letting us teach these people. A few weeks ago though we fasted to be able to find families, and its now that the Lord is really answering our prayers. Im so grateful that he listens to us! its amazing how much joy can come into our lives by these small responses He gives us, or big responses in the form of awesome families to teach! 

I read something that really made me think today. President Eyring said that the gift of life is time and the capacity to dispose of it. Time is the inheritance that we all get from Heavenly Father, and its up to us to use it to our best capacity. He's given us the gospel of Jesus Christ as guidleines to know how to use the time we've been alotted on the earth. Have you ever thought about how important our time really is. President Eyring also said that managing our time only is not enough but we need to actually change how we feel about our time, and that will determine how we use it, and if we end up using it how Heavenly Father wants us to. Im just really grateful for the time that i have to serve the people of France and to spread and live the Gospel! 

I love you guys! hoorah for Israel and all that, I'm gonna see if i can go buy myself a new suit! 

Elder Wood 

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