"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, January 5, 2015


Howdy Cowboys
What a week! Just full of Christmas miracles. We are definitely being blessed here! My favorite miracle that I will share with the short email time that I have, happened with Jan and her sister, our new African friends. Last week (I don't remember if I already told you this or not? Sorry if i did!). We were contacting and we saw a couple ladies getting decorations for a party out of their car. We stopped and asked if we could help and they said yes. After we get everything is they went ahead and invited us to their African family party! We accepted that invite right quick and went over to the party later that night. At the party we mingled it up then invited the ladies we helped to our ward Christmas night and they said they would come, and they said yes! So the week passes and on Friday night, they showed up! They were impressed by how many people were there and the members did a super good job of welcoming them in and the members even invited them to church on Sunday. They weren't able to come this week but they said they really enjoyed the party and they gave us their phone number and we're going to go see them this week. Woop! Other chrimbus miracles include singing for many people at their doors, really cool change of heart conversations on the streets and members giving us lots of Christmas goodies.
Not only were the goodies delicious, but the feeling around this city and between people around Christmas time here has really impressed me. The members are feeling a little more bold with their invitations, people are really more open and willing to discuss and the spirit of Christ really is all around I think, even if not everyone might recognize it like that. But that feeling of joy and happiness and giving really is the spirit of Christ; That's what really counts during the season. I'm really grateful to be a missionary during this time and be able to be so focused on sharing the gospel and helping others, it's been a real blessing. I love you guys, I'm excited to be able to talk to you on Christmas! Have an awesome day and I'll see you soon :) BISOUS!
Elder Wood

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