"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, January 5, 2015


First things first:
Les missionaires
Elder Wood 
135 Blvd Pommery
51100 Reims
voila, my address! 

We had a rather eventful week! Lots of running around and changing cities and crazy things of that nature. We'll start with saying goodbye to everybody in St. Nazaire, woah. That was tough! At the beginning of my stay in St. Nazaire it was hard, but things progressed and we had some awesome amis and the members were doing so well, I didn't realize how much I loved them! I had a couple really good days there though and on Wednesday we hopped the train to Paris to meet the blue.
So, I've got a boy. His name is Elder Benjamin Branchflower (haha so cool) and he's from Kamloops, Canada which is in British Columbia. This is my 3rd canadian in a row! So, if Canada somehow intervenes in my future life I'll have been prepared. Guess what else? He has 6 sisters! I've never met anyone in the mission who could one-up me with number of sisters alone, but he did it. He likes the normal Canadian things, maple syrup, kittens, moose, and serving the Lord. Really though, he's been a super good comp so far, he's really funny and really focused and is really brave! I feel super lucky to have a blue/last companion like him, I definitely have a lot to learn from this guy.
And now that this is the 6th time I've moved into a new ville, I think I should be able to sufficiently answer all the questions about it! So we just got whitewashed, meaning there were missionaries here last transfer but they both left and we are taking over their work. We also live with 2 other elders, Elder Wickern and Elder Wilson, who are super cool guys. Elder Wilson is a little Chase Driggs and is super hilarious. We have a ward of about 80 and the members who I've met so far are really nice. Reims is a really important city in France's history because all the French kings were crowned here, which is pretty cool. Also it's in the area of France that is really famous for making Champagne, so that's cool too. And I think I mentioned the Cathedral here a little last week but today we visited it and it was HUGE. It was one of the only things to be saved during the war. So voila!
Reims also has a TON of missionary potential and we saw some cool miracles in the last 5 days!  We don't really have any investigators so we've been visiting a lot of old amis and less actives and doing a lot of finding. It's been super cool to see how we've been led by the spirit towards prepared and open people. We set the goal to contact 1000 people this transfer and at the rate we're going and with the crazy desire of my little blue I'm pretty sure we will get more! I am really grateful that I get to train and be in Reims for my last transfer. We have a lot of work to do and I know we're going to find more people who need the gospel! I feel like I say it every week, but I love my mission. I love Jesus Christ and the opportunity to serve him, especially during this Christmas season.
And we are just going to keep going like that! Thanks for all the suport and prayers you guys send our way, they work for sure. About Christmas, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to skype but we still need to make plans, so I'll let you know next week for sure. Have a killer week! Talk to you soon!
Elder Joshua Wood

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