"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, January 5, 2015


I hope you guys had a killer New Years Eve and day! Can you believe it's 2015 already? Incroyable! This year started off rather interestingly for us, permit me to explain. 

Monday to Wednesday of last week were miracle filled days for us. On Monday night we found a Portuguese (Carley!) family of 5 to teach! They let us right in and we prayed with them and the spirit was really strong. They accepted baptismal invitations last night as well! It was exactly what our work needed at this time. On Tuesday we found a lot of people that said we could come back after the holidays, so this week, and on Wednesday day we taught a few people in the road and were able to help a less active woman in our ward. Wednesday night we went over to the Lethuaire's house for New Years Eve. Thursday was super good, we watched The Prince of Egypt, one of my new favorite movies, and ate with an 86 year old member who made us a gigantic meal and then we went and delivered cookies to all the single people in the ward. So everything went really well until then! 

Friday morning everything changed. We all woke up extremely sick and had major stomach problems. We have several guesses as to what might have caused it. The Lethuaires were all pretty sick a while ago, but didn't have the same symptoms, or it would have been the oysters (6 for each of us!) the sketchy mini pigs-in-a-blanket, or the weird chestnut turkey dish that our 86 year old Sr. Laval made for us. Whatever the cause was, it caused us 4 to lay in bed for about 2 days and do nothing but constant trips to the bathroom. I personally think it was the pigs-in-a-blanket because they tasted the most off, but I'm just glad its over. 

Then Sunday continued to be great just like the beginning of the week! In our sickly state our planning on Saturday night for what to do on Sunday night just ended up being "go north." Though it was a very vague plan, we followed it last night and ended up finding another family to teach! We taught the mom on the road and she accepted our invitation to come over and teach her family about the Plan of Salvation this week. $

So, from the ups and downs of this week the main thing that I noticed is that when we set high goals in prayer, Heavenly Father definitely helps us to accomplish them. I think that the reason we had so much success this week, even while having 2 days of no work, is because we faithfully set some realistic but high goals! I'm really grateful for the opportunity we had to help so many people this week. What more could you ask for as a missionary?? Not much really, just that these people progress to baptism!! 

I hope you guys all have a great start to 2015!! I love France! Talk to you soon! 

Elder Wood 

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