"In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how."
David O. McKay - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Monday, January 26, 2015

Paris Disney

Hello everybody! 

I'm glad your all doing good after this week. I hope the rest of the family is doing well too, especially Grandma B, could you send my her address please? I'd love to write her.  

We had a really great week! A lot of our time with members is spent helping them share the gospel with their friends, but we don't often get many referrals. One a week would be great, but is doesn't always happen.  But, this week we fixed some goals and were definitely blessed because we received 2 referrals! Now, you may think, "come on Elder Wood, only 2?" but don't be fooled! This is 2 more people that want to have the gospel of Christ in their lives! And the real reason that I tell you this in that the story of the first referral is really cool. I will condense it for you. 

   So, in World War One there was a battle in a tiny city called Lucy-le-Bocage, which is approximately 1 hour driving time outside of Reims. During the battle, the cathedral in this city was destroyed, and nothing was left standing except the crucifix, which the soldiers looked to as a sign of hope that their faith in Christ would get them through the war. Then, recently, a film maker and a professor from BYU came to make a documentary of this story and met with the mayor and some other town officials to explain what they wanted to do. The mayor had a lot of questions about the church and the Professor told him that there were missionaries in the area that could respond to their questions. So, this week, we were given the information of the Mayor of Lucy-le-Bocage and the other town officials and were asked to contact them! So, nothing has happened yet, but we're contacting them today and hopefully we'll be able to see them really soon! It's pretty amazing to me though just how Heavenly Father works and how he gets the gospel message to people who wouldn't have had it other wise. So pray that we'll be able to meet with them soon! 

In other news, ate the most escargots I've ever eaten in my life this week, at a less actives members house, which was fun. And there is a fun tradition called a Gallette des Rois, or the Cake of Kings, which goes on in January. Everyone gets a piece of cake but one of the pieces has a little figurine in it, and whoever finds the figurine in their piece gets to be the king for the day. I've eaten probably 12 gallettes this month and I never win! So, one of the goals in the next 2 weeks is to win a gallette des rois. 

Other than those things, the work is going great. We are teaching some great families right now and it's a super huge blessing, and we are also doing a lot of searching for more families to bless! That is all I have to report on this week. I love my mission. Have a great week though and I'll talk to you soon! 

Elder Wood 

ps district meeting is just outside of Disneyland, how could we resist?! 

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